Emmerton Park Inc. is managed by an executive group consisting of a Chief Executive Officer and Director of Care who report to an elected Board of Management. Overall governance and oversight is provided by a community based board consisting of 12 elected members from the local Community.

Corporate Statements

Our Vision for Emmerton Park:

Be recognised as a contemporary and innovative provider of Aged and Care services. 

Our Mission at Emmerton Park:

With the support of our staff and volunteers, operate Emmerton Park Inc targeting excellence in the provision of care, services, lifestyle and governance for the benefit of our clients and the community. Our Philosophy: All citizens have the right to live with dignity, respect, peace and freedom of choice within a Community they can call Home. 

Our Values 

  • Our Residents are valued and are treated with dignity, respect and understanding, offered choice and are encouraged to exercise their independence;
  • Our staff and volunteers are valued and through integrity, empathy and compassion contribute to the quality of life of our residents;
  • We value all stakeholders and relate to them with integrity and openness, and are responsive to the needs of the community;
  • We value the environment and the effective use of resources to deliver quality care;
  • We are inspired to explore opportunities that provide better outcomes for our people.

Our Commitment to Quality

We are committed to providing quality care and services and exploring opportunities that provide better outcomes for our clients, staff and volunteers.

In doing our work, we will:

  • Give highest priority to the health, safety and wellbeing;
  • Be ethical, honest, courteous, professional and respect confidentiality;
  • Be helpful provide accurate information in plain language;
  • Work with our staff, volunteers and contractors to promote continuous improvement and better practice in our organisation;
  • Be accountable for our actions;
  • Be fair and unbiased in our actions and decision making;
  • Seek feedback on our accommodation, care and services and use the information to monitor quality and to continuously improve;
  • Welcome comments, suggestions and complaints and on an annual basis we conduct an assessment on our performance;
  • Analyse comments and complaints individually, and review collectively to identify and respond to any systemic issues;
  • Consult, on a regular basis with our clients and their families, staff and volunteers;
  • Be responsive to individual preferences of clients;
  • Meet all our statutory and non-statutory obligations;
  • At an individual, and at a corporate level, we strive to continuously improve.


Emmerton Park is fully accredited to 14 April 2025.